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Very lovely giant pitbulls

There are numerous canines you are going to discover in your surrounding and particularly speaking pet canines are really lovable and loyal to their masters. There are variations in these various types. Amongst all the variations bull pet dogs are among them and there are various sort of bull pets you might discover in your environments. A bull pet dog , called hulk, thought about as the biggest one on the planet and he is really lovable to his master with his enormous height. If you are interested to understand about the habits of hulk, you can have a look at the link, which is offered herein above. So look out for Extremely one-of-a-kind pitbull hd pic now.

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Meet ‘Hulk,’ a 17-month-old pitbull who weighs 173.4lbs and is STILL growing!

There’s nothing to fear from this softie, however

Owner Marlon Grannon trusts Hulk with his 3-year-old son, Jordan

Hulk is so big that he can even take Jordan on short rides

Every day, Hulk eats 4lbs of ground beef with special supplements

While he is friendly…

…don’t get on his bad side!

His owners are professional guard dog trainers and breeders

Lisa Grannon says she trusts Hulk precisely because of his thorough guard-dog training

More about Hulk and his family:

Hulk and Jordan sing a song together: